1903       Eriş was established by Mehmet Emin Şebitci who came to Eskişehir from Şarki Karaağaç in Isparta

1910       Mehmet Emin, known by Kancor, was the famous master with making unique tastes halva in Eskişehir

1920       Many homes and stores had been burned by Greeks when during the invasion of Eskişehir. Mehmet Emin’s had a difficult period after decreasing his business  and losing all assets he got.

1922       Mehmet Emin whose all assets was taken from Greeks, passed away due to the trouble, facing in youngest age

1923       Mehmet Emin’s son Süleyman Bayar, came to Ankara with his mother and four sisters after his father death  to choose halva making as a profession. He became a famous halva master as working very hard.

1947       Süleyman Bayar’s son Uğur Bayar liked very much halva making as a family business. Süleyman Bayar took his son as a apprentice to one of the famous halva master in Ankara for cutting one’s eyeteeth on .

1953       Uğur Bayar opened  halva, Turkish Delight and confectionery business with a partner after he came to Tahtakale in Istanbul from Ankara

1955       Uğur Bayar left the partnership and came back to Eskişehir where his father Süleyman and his grandfather Kançor Mehmet Emin worked as a famous halva master in the beginning of 1900s in Eskişehir.

1966       Süleyman Bayar’s son Uğur and Mehmet Bayar, established Eriş Unlimited Liability Company to be a wholesaler beside the profession of halva making

1972       Uğur and Mehmet Bayar brothers enhanced their business by working hard and then opened a big store in Eskişehir.

1995       Uğur Bayar left the partnership with his brother and shared two stores each other. Uğur Bayar and his sons decided to improve their business.

2001       They moved to new factory which has 1000 m2 closed area in Estim Food Zone.

2002       Murat and Hakan brothers worked very hard and buckled down to their business to enhanced and growth with his father Uğur Bayar. They decided to build a modern factory in Eskişehir Industrial Zone.

2005       Eriş has started to produce a variety of halva, jams, Turkish Delights and candies in the modern factory that has a closed area of 2700 m2 out of 5000 m2 to ensure food hygiene and quality standards.

2007       Eriş increased the quality of their products  and production conditions after getting  ISO 9001, ISO 22000 certificates.

2008       Eriş has started to work on exporting  its high quality products

2009       Eriş has started to export its products to European countries

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